Canada Road

  1. Location and Background
  2. History
  3. Migrations and Towns
  4. Traveler: Tom Plant
  5. Kids on the Canada Road
  6. Old Canada Road International Corridor
  7. Chaud-Bec Project

  1. Migration and Towns
The Canada Road went from Quebec City through the Chaudière Valley settlements of Ste. Marie and St. Georges, over the border on the Appalachian Highlands to Jackman, and through the Kennebec Valley settlements of The Forks and Bingham to Augusta. The French-Canadian use of the road began almost immediately, as did the United States, Irish and British use. The route served as the primary link between Lower Canada and Maine from about 1820 to 1860, when it was made largely obsolete by development of first the Grand Trunck Railway and then the Canadian Pacific Railway. The various east-west linkages that allowed detours off the Canada Road, as well as the southern connections, allowed migrants to disperse along this route through out New England.