Canada Road

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  7. Chaud-Bec Project

  1. Chaud-Bec Project
It's a region, it's a project, it's a cooperative venture to enhance economic growth.

The Chaud-bec region extends from the Chaudière Valley of Beauce county in Québec to the northern part of the Kennebec Valley in Maine.

One of the primary objectives of the project is to minimize barriers created by the borders. Not only the borders that result from differences in culture, languages, laws, history, education, etc. These differences can become assets to our economic growth if we work together.

This project is committed to creating opportunities and being a liaison between towns, communities, and businesses large and small through out the region.

The following six areas have been identified as mediums by which our goals may be accomplished.

1.- Education
2.- Tourism
3.- History and heritage
4.- The arts
5.- Sports
6.- Business and industries

Some of our accomplishments over the past few years include immersion classes. These classes have enabled over 250 people to learn either English in Maine or French in Québec while also making many contacts and friends. Student exchanges have also provided College Business students with opportunities to learn about each other's country, school and business environments.

A meeting involving over 80 business people 40 from each side of the border was held, to explore cooperative opportunities. An art exposition of Franco American artist was organized in cooperation with the Frano American Center at UMO. This art show was held at the Art Center in St. George.

Contacts with tourism offices and Chambers of Commerce are encouraging cooperative planning for common projects.

If you would like more information concerning the Chaud-Bec project, please call André E. Pied at 207-474-7553 or 207-474-6552 in Skowhegan, Maine.